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The Pakistan Manpower Institute was established  is 1975 as an attached department of Ministry of Labour & Manpower.After the 18th constitutional amendment, and the devolution of the Ministry of Labour and Manpower the institute has been retained at federal level under the administrative control of Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training .

Pakistan Manpower Institute is one of the leading training organizations in the country having  a  mandate to impart training to the managers and executives of public and private sector organizations of Pakistan in the field of Human Resource management (HRM), Human  Resource Development (HRD), Human Resource Planning (HRP) and other  related issues of national and international significance. 



The developing countries in general and Pakistan in particular, have overemphasized the role of physical capital formation in the growth process; relatively very little reliance is placed on the human capital formation for realizing the objective of economic development.  In recent years, a new thinking has emerged which has led to the realization that without seeing the strategic role of human factor in socio-economic change, the development policy may lose its proper general orientation and may fail to achieve socially meaningful and efficient progress.

In order to provide systematic and comprehensive basic policy measures, it is necessary to place top priority to the development of human resources and their gainful absorption in their overall development programs. Human resource development is not only an instrument for development but also the objective of the economic development process. Due to severe physical and financial constraints, a target group needs be identified and adequate budget allocation be ensured for human resource development to give it appropriate recognition within the context of national development plans.

It goes without saying that human resource holds central position in all developments of today’s world. But, at the same time, it is highly regrettable that realization of the significance of human resource development was not paid due attention in the past in third world counties in general and in our country in particular. The result is that we are lagging behind the rest of the world. However, it is encouraging that keeping in view the fact that a developed human resource ensures economic development process manifolds, a due attention is being paid to this aspect of national development. The institutes is working in collaboration with national and international institutions to provide training, ensuring better skill development through the utilization of human resource available in Pakistan and providing research services to Government departments, public corporations and private establishments.

PMI has the honor of providing absolutely free of cost training throughout the year. Highly skilled and renowned resource persons, having national and international exposure and up-to-date knowledge of their respective fields are engaged by PMI for conducting training. The duration of the training programs offered by PMI vary between 3 to 4 days.