Aims and Objectives


Aims and Objective:

    1. To maintain the Pakistan Manpower Institute established at Islamabad by the Government of Pakistan for research and training of public servants and employees of other organizations as the Federal Government may determine
    2. To advance knowledge concerning ways and means better development and utilization of human resources in Pakistan
    3. To provide manpower research services to government departments, public corporations and private establishments
    4. To stimulate interest in manpower problems generally, and to cooperate with and assist other manpower research agencies, institutions or professional associations
    5. To cooperate with international agencies engaged in manpower research and arrange for inter-changes of personnel, materials and data
    6. To undertake applied research and case studies in the field of manpower and employment
    7. To hold national conferences, seminars, symposia on different subjects in the field of manpower and employment
    8. To promote a broad perspective of requirement of trained manpower for economic development in different fields;
    9. To develop improved method and techniques for dealing with:-
      1. Training and manpower development of the existing work force
      2. Educational and training preparation for employment
      3. Vocational guidance and employment counseling
      4. Forecasting demand and supply of manpower and connected matters.
    10. To undertake and provide for publication of journals, research papers and books, and to establish and maintain a well-equipped library in the furtherance of the aforesaid objects
    11. To equip those participating, engaging or interested in manpower and employment planning with requisite knowledge, through training and orientation courses, for their effective role in a dynamic and developing society; and
    12. To provide advanced training in professional techniques for manpower planning and administration.