Research Studies


 (A)  Research Studies


Sr.                    Title                                                                 Year    Present Position         


1.                  Annotated bibliography: selected studies on              1978

Manpower and related issues.

2.                  Research methods: A handbook                                 1978    Out of stock

3.                  Manpower and Employment Planning: Process         1978    Out of stock

And Statistics(A Research Monograph)

4.                  Human resource development through education      1979    Out of stock

in Pakistan.

5.                  Agricultural mechanization and its impact on crop    1981    Out of stock

                        production, unit cost and farm labour force

            6.         Manpower planning: theory & Practice                      1987

                        A case study of Pakistan

            7.         Return migrants of Pakistan: Problems and                1990    Out of stock

                        Chances of absorption.

            8.         Employment issues in Pakistan: Review                     1990    Out of stock

                        of some evidences

9.         Monitoring of vocational training programmes in      1991    Out of stock


            10.       The role of industrial estates in promoting                 1991   

                        employment, skills and income.

            11.       Employment situation in Pakistan: An assessment     1994    Out of stock


            12.       Economic impact of globalization on employment     1995    Out of stock

                        And the functioning of the labour market and labour

                        Institutions in Pakistan.

            13.       Impact of roads on employment and income-            1995    Out of stock

                        A case study of Rural Punjab.

14.       Globalization with equity- Policies for growth           1996    Out of stock

            15.       Social adjustment in globalization: The role of           1999    Out of stock

                        Social Actors in Pakistan                   

            16.       Problems & prospects of employment in rural            2000

                        non-farm sector of Punjab: A case study

                        of Faisalabad.

            17.       Nature and extent of poverty: a case of                     2001

                        selected villages in Punjab.

            18.       Out-Migration: The Case of Pakistan                         2003    Out of stock

`           19.       Employment potentials of agriculture sector              2006

                        in Punjab.

            20.       Impact of Information and Communication               2007    Out of stock

Technology on Decent Work in Pakistan

            21.       The Global Production System and Decent               2008    Out of stock

                        Work in Pakistan’s Textile and Garments Sector

            22.       Pro-Poor Value Chain Market Development of         2013   

                        Date Produce in Balochistan by Tariq Qamar Baloch